Teamwork is the foundation of a successful company. IMI.VC is an outstanding partner to add to your team. We have a history of success that proves it.

Igor Matsanyuk began his career as an entrepreneur in 2003 by producing the game Territory and launching his own company: IT Territory. In 2005, IT Territory received funding from DST, and working together, they created the holding company Astrum Online Entertainment, which included three additional major IT companies. In spring 2009, DST assumed control of Astrum, and by the end of the year, the holding company was acquired by the group (made on the basis of DST assets), and Matsanyuk was made its vice president. In Summer 2010, Mr. Matsanyuk left, and in November during the IPO, he sold his share of the company (1.6%) for more than $80M.

Michael Vinchel, a Russian entrepreneur who made his fortune with, has invested $75 million in IMI.VC, the venture firm started by Russian entrepreneur Igor Matsanyuk. Vinchel has joined the board of directors, along with Gregory Finger, who serves on the boards of both Astrum Online and IMI.VC portfolio companies include Game Insight and Farminers Startup Academy.

Gregory Finger is President and Founding Partner of DST, where he has participated in numerous high-profile investments in leading internet companies. Mr. Finger is also Chairman of the Board of Astrum Online, the market leader in online gaming in the Russian-speaking world, and serves on the board of both and

Between 1992 and 2005, Mr. Finger was the head of the Moscow office of New Century Holdings, the largest Western financial investor in the Russian-speaking and Eastern European markets. At NCH, he worked with more than 15 investment funds, with his latest fund having $3B in assets under management. Mr. Finger also made the first internet investments on behalf of NCH, which was an early investor in

Gregory Finger graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering (1988) with a specialization in automated control systems.


IMI.VC believes that there’s no “I” in “team.” It takes the collective talent of an outstanding team to create success.

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