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10 December 2013


Fitty is your personal lifestyle tracker. Throuhg its everyday tracking helps you losing weight in a natural and healthy way.

Fitty application analyzes your daily food and activity, shows how they affect on your body and gives you smart advices.

You don't have to follow strict diet. Fitty calculates how you get and burn calories and tells how to reduce stress and hunger in order to stay fit and healthy.

Why healthy people stay fit?

There must be a balance in stress and recovery in your life. Starvation and different activities is a stress. Food and rest is a recovery. To keep the balance you need to get food in the right time and in the right quantity. But different food has different digestion time, so it is hard to keep all this things in mind. And Fitty makes all calculations before you could say Jack Robinson. It keeps giving you smart advices round the clock. 

Hardly you can find such a careful tracker.



  • a unique food database contains information on how calories spread in time;
  • the most easy and efficient calorie counter;
  • simple activity tracking:
  • shows your mistakes and gives smart advices on the spot;
  • everyday tasks;
  • smart search and adaptation to your habbits;
  • all your data is safe and saved in a cloud so it can be accesed from other device.


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