Launches Multiplatform Personal Entertainment Network


16 September 2013, the personal entertainment network that draws feeds from top online sources and lets you rate stories with smilies, is celebrating its launch today.

A polished, streamlined way to experience online entertainment, is the first personal network focused on rating and collecting entertaining content with friends, and it is cross-platform. The app is coming soon to mobile platforms and is available in the browser at ('s novel network packs fun content into a personalized, digestible stream in a beautiful layout, and allows users to rate stories with smilies that match their reactions. When a story gets rated, it is added to the user's profile to be discovered by friends, and rediscovered later. Users can also browse by tag to easily discover new content, or simply search for channels, friends, tags and stories.

In addition to a beautiful flow of entertaining stories, has features that make it stand out among similar apps and services. For instance, location and language settings are used to offer the top regional channels to users anywhere in the world. Expertly crafted native apps ensure a satisfying experience on the go, in brief or extended sessions. Deep integration with Facebook means sharing with friends is relevant and meaningful the moment a user logs in.

The team behind is a blend of web, social and mobile game developers leveraging their expertise in creating fun experiences and integrating social media.