service goes into Beta for Chicago, IL


15 June 2013 is an interactive ‘location book’ for your browser.

The listings of stores are prioritized on the page so that the closest stores would be at the top of the list. Filter the list for the particular type of a store or a store brand that you need right now. Capture the locations of stores that you are going to visit, they will appear on your mobile phone if you install and link the Capture List application to this site.

The App will show you where the captured store locations are and will show you the ‘smart compass’ pointing in the direction of the store and showing the distance from it.

If you are a store owner…

…you can log into the service (at the bottom of the page) and add your store’s location to the listing for free. You can claim your location if it has already been listed by our users or automatically. Make sure the big picture of your store shows the façade of your store as it can be seen by somebody who is driving by.

You can also add up to two ‘announcements’ for the people who will see and capture your store listing for a small fee. These announcements will be transferred to the mobile phone of the user along with your listing. They will change automatically for all the users who had captured your store's listing once you update them in the interface. You can also add up 10 other pictures to your listing for a smaller fee. They can tell the users more about your store, the services that you provide, your personnel etc. (now in Chicago, IL)