service goes into Beta for Chicago, IL


10 May 2013

Buy locally what you’ve found online.

Once you’ve found somewhere on the web the thing that you want to buy, - post the link to the page where it is listed to The stores near you that carry your thing will invite you to come through the page of the service. It is completely anonymous, you don't need to 'register', surrender you 'friends list' and receive spam afterwards. Here's how it works:

Capture the found item or just post a link to it here.

So, you’ve found the item you want on some e-commerce web-site or in the search results and want to know which of the local stores has it. Capture it, we will create a page for this item and let the stores around you know. There are two ways to post the item you’ve found online to this service: Install our Browser Button and 'slide-to-capture' the picture of an item. Or copy the address of the item page and post it on

We will notify the stores near you that somebody is looking for this thing, those of them who are selling it right now will invite you to come through the page of the item.

The stores near you will invite you. Choose one.

The page with your captured item will be like a social network post or a “twitt” except for the fact that in this service you stay anonymous and nobody will spam you afterwards. We will make sure that the stores around you see the page with the captured item immediately. Those of them who carry it will invite you to visit their location through the page, but it can take some time. Don’t forget to subscribe to the e-mail notifications if you haven’t installed the Browser Button.

We will notify you when the stores near you (within the 10 miles distance) respond to your request. You can open the page of the item check all the invitations and choose the store that you are going to visit.

The best way to keep the information about the location of the chosen store is to install the Capture List mobile application on your smartphone and link it to your list (more about it below); then you won’t forget what and where you were going to buy.

The utility allows you to browse the captured items in many other convenient ways; also, it cleans your list up automatically after some time and it will never become a “trash bin”.

The mobile App will lead you to the store.

We offer a free mobile App for your smartphone. It can be linked to your Capture List and will display all the items in it in an easy to find way. Take it with you when you are going to go shopping.

Click the “link” icon in the App and in this browser, then click/tap the “Link!” buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY, the App will be linked to your web-based list.

Once the App is linked to your web list, the locations of the stores for the items that you choose on the pages are assigned to the items on your mobile phone automatically and you can see them on the map. You can also call the store if you want by taping the “phone” button and inquire about your thing.

The mobile app does many other things. It scans barcodes and adds the associated items to your list, so that you can do a research online, or you can just take a picture of an item that you like without knowing what it is and the store owners will offer you similar items. Read more about it on the website.

Mark the purchased items when you are shopping.

The “All”, “Here” and “Nearby” filters in the App let you see all the Items in your list or just the items in the store or mall, where you are. It is convenient because you don’t need to scroll through your entire list when you are in the store.

Mark the purchased items by tapping the “Bought it!” button on the flipside of the picture of an item. We reward the stores when they do a good job of satisfying our users. The picture of an item will disappear after that, which will make it easier for you to shop. Once the list is empty – it’s time to go to the cash register. Just kidding, there may be many other things for you in the store. Take a look around; there are things in this world that are not listed for sale online. (now in Chicago, IL)