utility/platform is live


05 February 2013

The utility/platform has been completed and is available online for our users.

It makes it possible to anonymously capture items from e-commerce and other sites with a simple 'slide-to-capture' gesture (see and try the demo here) if you add our Browser Button to your browser.

The captured items are stored in your anonymous Capture List, accessible on or on any other page if you click the Browser Button. Once you've installed it you can open your Capture List on twitter, g+, and 'slide-to-post' the captured items into your messages (see the demo here). You can also open your list on major search engines, including the Google image search, and search for similar items (try the demo here).

The companion Capture List iPhone App makes it possible for you to capture pictures of items and places, they will appear in your web-based list if you link it with the App (here). You can also scan the barcodes of items that you are researching and QR-codes of items and places with your Capture List App, - the pictures of associated items and places will appear in your List (and can be posted to the search engines from there).

We provide a real-time stream of user 'picks' to the vendors of goods and services and make it possible for them to offer alternative merchandise and services to our users. This is a premium service for the 'brick-and-mortar' retailers as well as the e-commerce providers.