Facebook updated for mobile


29 August 2013

Facebook has released a new update for Facebook Login which has simplified the lives of mobile users of the popular social network service. Let’s examine these recent Facebook innovations. They definitely suggest two conclusions: First, the company is out to make a lot of money from its billion users; and second, Facebook’s priority is updating its mobile version. This strategy has led to a significant increase in company revenue because more than 101 million USA users visit their profiles by using mobile phones or tablet computers.

This “mobilization” of social network users is what led to the development of Facebook’s mobile platform. The company has invested an impressive amount into developing Facebook Login, and experts agree that given the service’s huge market, the company will be able to not only recover this investment, but also multiply its number of visitors.

According to publicly available reports, the mobile version of Facebook is available for two operating systems: iOS and Android. It has been estimated that Facebook has received more than 850 million visits on mobile devices.

One of the company’s other priorities is faster loading speeds for the mobile version of Facebook. Experts have noticed that the new version loads 31% faster than the previous version. In fact, the platform has seen many changes since its launch in 2008. Previously, the platform’s development was informed by features like music, video, and news applications, which ended up overloading it.

At present, Facebook’s mobile platform development is divided into different groups, which include monetization of mobile application installs and payment systems, as well as the OpenGraph group.

When our experts put the question to Avichal Garg (the current manager of OpenGraph products) about the importance of the mobile Facebook platform, he replied that the web application is one of the company’s most important projects, since the world will be totally mobile in five years.

According to Mr. Garg, development of the platform is driven by the continuous growth in usage its sees daily. Facebook’s users continue to show a great appetite for using the service, so the company must continue to seek new ways to satisfy its customers. Yes, the company earns huge amounts of money with its mobile version, but all the same, it must remain a user-focused experience. For the time being, the mobile Facebook Login platform remains inferior to the desktop experience, but soon enough, this situation will change drastically.