28 August 2013

Journalism has existed for nearly as long as written language. After the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, for many, newspapers and magazines became an integral part of life. Over the years, newspapers chronicled, and in some cases created, history, while magazines helped shape the way we think about travel, fashion, food, and relationships.

But the 21st century is here—an era of advanced technology and instantaneous communication via the Internet. Now, any kind of information is available in real-time online. Everything that happens in the world appears on the World Wide Web in an instant. Traditional print media as we know it continues to become less profitable—and less relevant. But the world’s well-heeled mass media outlets don’t want to lose their readers. How can they keep their print audiences in a digital age?

This is where startup Kula-tech comes in. The company develops real-time, mass-media applications for mobile devices. Kula-tech strongly recommends that owners of media outlets and media websites create their own application for popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, to take advantage of modern mobile platforms’ higher quality design and usability, and more importantly, the higher advertising rates for mobile applications over mobile web. Kula-tech’s mobile services help its partners discover an all-new way to monetize content. Normally, such application development takes anywhere from a month to six months—Kula-tech can bring your media property to mobile in less than a week. And while this service may sound incredibly expensive, as it happens, Kula-tech’s app development is completely free of charge. Rather than charge its partners for the service of bringing content to mobile, the company uses a revenue share model based on application advertisements. It should now be clear how Kula-tech’s services can help media properties gain new readers, rather than lose existing ones. However, the company chooses to work only with publications that have a strong brand and create high-quality content. At the moment, the company’s released projects include site applications for well-known media publications such as Maxim and Marie Claire.