Planner 5d has 1 500 000 Users


26 April 2013

Repair is equal to two floods – this saying is known to everyone. The one who at least ones was concerned with repair personally knows to what degree this folk wisdom is right. And the worst thing is not the repair itself but space computation and modeling. Imagine such situation: You are so happy this troublesome repair is over and here You see the apartment of your dream. The ideal colored texture plaster on the walls matches the carpeting perfectly. You have already sent the housewarming invitations to Your friends for them to evaluate the result of long lasted work on its merits. Only one final flourish is left – furniture arrangement. And here is the disaster. Your gorgeous Italian furniture does not fit in Your dream apartment. The coach appeared to be 2 cm larger than specially modeled niche a la Venice and a marvelous wardrobe screens a half of the window. True to say the situation is downright unpleasant.


But now there is a way to avoid it without hiring expensive layout specialists and designers. Just over a year ago absolutely unique project appeared. Planner5D is the startup of the interior planning and design. This unique supplement makes possible to model Your interior on-line with the help of Your cell phone free of charge. The service was tested by 1.5 million people – the number of officially registered users per annum. It is really a great number for such short period of time, besides it is equal to the number of Bissau population (Guinea).


Planner5D will be the right hand for both common people who are planning the repair and professionals. People on the project consider their potential partners to be huge furniture stores, project developers and real-estate agencies. Especially this supplement is relevant for companies – sellers and buyers of foreign real estates. In recent years this market direction grew rapidly but it was problematically to create the apartment or cottage interior situated for example in Bulgaria. Owing to Planner5D You can make a model of the foreign real estates within few minutes right out of Moscow office. Planner5D is actively developing project which shows very high rates of growth, one of the most successful startups of today continuing to be developed.