My-Apps Foundation


15 September 2011

My-Apps story begins in very unusual place – hospital, where Viacheslav Semenchuk spent too much time with his leg broken. Even a laptop use was out of the question – too complicated, so future My-Apps CEO was one-on-one with his smartphone. And unfortunately, in 2011, there were not too many possibilities available through smartphone. So he began to think about his own mobile app where will be aggregated every useful feature. But, much to his surprise, cost and time expenses to create one mobile app were too high.

So he thought – why not to create simple and usable apps builder for all mobile platforms? Thus began the story of My-Apps ( at first).

Before that, Viacheslav worked up a reputation of successful serial entrepreneur with his projects, Moscow Design studio, Creators Art-Bureau and, so it was easy for him to find needed specialists for new challenging task – to develop and create brand-new method of app building.

Shortly after hospital discharge, Viacheslav began his new project – My-Apps, firstly with his own funds.