Game Insight Reveals Competitive Defense Game Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena


23 November 2015

Survival Arena takes the familiar TD formula and turns it on its head with tournaments and new clan challenges every few days.

After reaching more than 5 million players with their base-building strategy game Cloud Raiders (, Game Insight has announced Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena, a strategy defense game set in the Cloud Raiders universe. Breaking with the norms for the genre, Survival Arena shirks off the single player approach in favor of tournament play, giving gamers a chance to prove their worth as defense champions.

“We’ve seen so many different incarnations of this game genre over the years,” said Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight, “but for some reason, developers seem to insist on giving TD games a single-player focus. By expanding the Cloud Raiders franchise into real-time, long-session gameplay, we’ve been able to apply the kind of clan-based, group-focused fun that our players love to another of our favorite genres. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. We have big plans for the Cloud Raiders universe, and Survival Arena is just the first step.”

The first spin-off in the Cloud Raiders franchise, Survival Arena will provide players with fresh challenges several times a week, introducing new arenas comprised of seemingly limitless variables. Differing rules, layouts, and available towers will make every challenge different from the last, and the introduction of heroes and collectible spell cards will help to expand the universe for existing fans. With ongoing tournaments for both individuals and clans, there’s always a new reason for players to stay competitive.

Existing Cloud Raiders players will have an added incentive to test their defensive abilities in Survival Arena. In addition to experiencing a new gameplay mode with their fellow clanmates, players will earn Skyshards, a cross-game currency that can easily be transferred into the main game and used to craft items and various boosts. Such cross-game support is made by possible by Game Insight’s continued commitment to sustainable free-to-play, providing titles with ongoing support and development that continues years after release.

Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena will be available for free on Apple App store, Google Play and Windows Store soon, and will support cross-platform play. The game is currently available worldwide on Facebook. Defend your raiders today by visiting