Planner 5D: New Winds


21 September 2015

Hello, dear readers of Planner5d blog. My name is Carol and I will reign in this blog for now.I will be honest, I actually don’t have anything in common with interior design except that I have it as a hobby - I redecorate my room and shuffle all the furniture around every now and then. I also have a shameful amount of Pinterest boards containing even more embarrassing amounts of various pictures of stranger’s homes. I think that’s it. Why I’m telling you all of this? Because I know that majority of you are just like me: beginners, enthusiasts or people that need to spice up their living area but never did it before and we are going to do it together. We are going to learn step by step how to create or amp up your space from the idea in your head to an actual physical room or house. Every week I am going to share what I learnt and discovered. I hope that even those who are more experienced  will find something useful in here and will be generous enough to share their knowledge in the comments or guest posts. Let’s create a caring community of people who are having the time of their lives walking through IKEA, scrolling for hours through decor posts and constantly thinking what could be better.  


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