Build a Kingdom comes to the App Store, Google Play and Facebook!


31 August 2015

The time has come to set out on an amazing journey to a fairytale world with Build a Kingdom, the newest cross-platform title from Game Insight, now available on the App StoreGoogle Play and Facebook! An exciting storyline full of humor, mysteries and unexpected turns awaits all players. Unlock the mysterious prophecy, create a prosperous settlement and explore the enigmatic lands of this magical world.

During their adventures, players will encounter many unique characters with unforgettable personalities, including the self-centered knight who enjoys taking selfies, the constantly hungry bard, the stunningly beautiful princess, and even Boris the Bear — Chief of the Fashion Police.

Yet the main objective of the game is to build a thriving city. In order to do so, players will construct dozens of buildings including farms and bakeries, houses and castles, workshops and forges. And it’s also important to maintain a good defense, because at any moment your kingdom could be attacked by fairytale creatures like spiders, ghosts and wolves!

Explore the wonderful and magical world of Build a Kingdom!