How to Benefit Financially from a Partnership with Planner 5D?


30 April 2015

Planner 5D has had a fully-functioning partnership programme for our users for a while already. Therefore users of ours who have already joined, have experienced the financial benefit of the partnership for real. Still, we’re having a feeling that much haven’t been said about the partnership with Planner 5D. Some of you haven’t yet heard about it or just know too little to go into it. So let us share some details and invite you to become partners with us!


What is in it for you?


To begin with, the partnership targets all our users within interior, architecture, real estate and design industries. It suggests to place a banner into your website linking to the website of Planner 5D or embed aPlanner 5D widget into your website in order for the visitors of your website to use Planner 5D as a white-label solution at it’s full capacity. 




The real worth of having a Planner 5D banner and/or embedding the widget on your website comes as a trigger/additional value that attracts more users to your website and prolongs visitors’ time spent there too. Though most importantly it is an opportunity to earn money according to a number of how many visitors were directed to Planner 5D via the banner and became paid users as well as according to how many users of the widget have also become paid users.


Currently Planner 5D has to offer two types of partnerships: Silver and Gold. Once we become partners, you are given a Silver partnership and get 25% of the revenue from purchases made via your website. Once the number of users who registered in Planner 5D via your website exceeds 10k, you are given a Goldenpartnership with  50% of the revenue produced via your website. Simple as that!


How to be become a partner?


Necessary information of how to become a partner is placed in your Planner 5D Profile, section Partnershipwhereas a code and links in order to embed Planner 5D are available in the section Tutorials.


Once you place a banner or embed the widget, you are presented with an administrative panel in yourProfile the same section Partnership, in which you can see how many visitors of your website have registered in Planner 5D via your website and how many of them bought any of paid plans. 




Case study: Home Stratosphere

To make our point, would like to exemplify with a showcase of a major home interior news site Home Stratosphere. The site has integrated Planner 5D widget on their website as an online interior design software option. Amazingly, since Home Stratosphere started a partnership with Planner 5D, 12k registrations and 20k hits were brought to Planner 5D only in three month period.


Looking at the analytics, the traffic of Home Stratosphere’s monthly visitors since the beginning of the partnership has risen notably. And it’s a pity we cannot disclose the sum of their revenue. Success of the partnership - check!

So don’t hesitate, we welcome you on board to partner with us!

If you happen to have any questions or suggestions regarding anything, contact us