A Very Happy Birthday to The Tribez


13 April 2015

We’re happy to announce the third anniversary of our favorite series The Tribez. Over the last three years, more than 25 million players from across the globe have fallen in love with the The Tribez. The game universe expanded constantly with the help of regular updates and gave life to the Tribez & Castlez, a spin-off of The Tribez. The game won over the hearts of millions of players in all corners of the world and came to new platforms and new countries every year. Dino from The Tribez became one of the favorite game characters for many, as well as the mascot of Game Insight.

The Tribez is available for mobile devices in the App Store, Google Play, the Windows Phone Store, and in the Windows Store and on Facebook.

Here at Game Insight, we’ve been working hard to ensure that The Tribez continues to charm and challenge players through a number of title updates. And now, the big new update 3.3 is available celebrating the game’s third anniversary.

The update includes:

● Farmer news! The tribezmen have discovered the secrets of silk production!

● Visit Farmer’s Bay, build a Silkmoth Farm and learn to make a new resource from silk — cloth.

● Use cloth to build comfortable camping sites on other islands.

● New territories are available on the Atoll of the Ancestors! Explore these now.

● The update is available in the App Store, on Google Play, on Windows Store and Windows Phone Store and on Facebook.

Thank you for your loyalty and support throughout the past three years! With your help, we’ll take The Tribez to even greater heights. Who knows what surprises could be waiting for you in the future!

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