Create Your Transport Empire for Windows Phone


06 April 2015

Windows Phone Store takes you to Transport Empire game: one of the best city building games on Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8 released by Game Insight.

In Transport Empire, you’ll travel across Victorian Era fictionalized Europe to deliver goods and reap profits by trains and airships. The game unfolds a little more story than we typically see in city building games. As a player you take on the role of Lynn Skytell, a young woman (with a gorgeous character art) who dresses skimpily and is determined to carve out a business empire of her own in a new land. Have a look at the key features of the game.

Create Your Transport Empire for Windows Phone

Key Features

● The game works in offline mode

● Three types of vehicles: trains, steamboats and airships

● The opportunity to develop transportation as well as tons of unique cities

● Beautiful intricate graphics and amazing characters with compelling life stories

● Fascinating storyline – contend with competitors, cast light on conspiracies, hunt treasure, find ghosts, embark on expeditions to distant lands and so much more!


How to Play the Game

At the beginning of the game, Lynn has a small portion of a land but as the play levels up she unlocks new areas and expands her lands. Each area has several places for players to build things, such as mines, lodges, and other buildings. After building or renovating these locations, they’ll start producing resources like coal, wood, and iron. These resources provide the necessary ingredients to build new structures. In order to harvest the above-mentioned resources, you’ll need trains (and later steamboats and airships). The game offers several trains to buy, each based on real-life classical trains. The trains must also be equipped with carriages to hold passengers or goods. Different carriages are suitable for different resources.

Note: If you don’t equip the right carriage for a run, the run will take longer or bring back less of the resource.

As the games progresses, you explore paths to many cities. These cities are much smaller than the genre norm, with only around 5-7 things to build in each one. One of those, the factory, produces steel. Steel constantly runs dry, so putting the factory to work is really important. Warehouses also provide a necessary storage location for resources.

Transport Empire provides also random events and quests which are designated by exclamation marks on the map. These add a little to the story, but mainly keep the players busy. If you don’t select one quickly enough, it disappears. You’ll have to complete specific types of contracts at different locations, harvest a certain resource, clear trees from a track, help a traveler in need, or even just take advantage of a fishing opportunity. Accepting a random event always costs either silver or a resource, but it usually pays off with something valuable.

Game Currency

The game has primary and premium currencies. The primary currency is silver and the premium currency is gold. You’ll constantly earn silver from implementing different tasks, completing quests and collecting it from buildings. Every job you take costs some silver which you spend on buying carriages, and other important items.

Hurry up to download the game and earn your silver and gold so that to create your Transport Empire for Windows Phone.


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