Cloud Raiders for Windows Phone gets war dragons and more in latest update


26 March 2015

Cloud Raiders, the highly popular fantasy free-to-play action-strategy game from Game Insight, got updated today for Windows Phone with a bunch of new content and improvements. That includes the addition of dragons to the game.

cloud raiders

Here's what's new and improved in the 6.0 version update:

● DRAGONS! Upgrade your training camps and start training your own War Dragons! There's not much that can oppose the apex predator of the skies, so better equip your base with some Harpoon Towers as well!

● The Annihilator 2000. A new defense tower for your base. Recharge and destroy!

● The level 9 Stronghold is here! Build it, and drive the snakes off of your island fortress!

● Replay Hub. Visit the leaderboards to check out the most sensational replays in the skies. Share your replays and get them featured!

● Reworked Shop. Buy multiple items at once — no hassle, no more constant button pressing!

● Improved Global & Clan Chats. The chat is now more friendly and useful for everyone from beginners to Top 10 Clan Leaders.

● Two chat modes. Mini-chat mode along with a bigger version to help you keep in touch during battles and informed after them.

● Filters and Notification Center. Choose the types of messages you want to see and when you want to be notified.

● Blacklists. Never hear from annoying players ever again!

● Replay Share. Share your replays with members of your clan.

At the moment, it does not look like the Windows 8.1 version of the game has been updated to 6.0 but we will update this post when that happens.

Download Cloud Raiders from the Windows Phone Store (free)

Cloud Raiders

Thanks to Jigar for the tip!

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