Two Games from Game Insight Hold Top-Grossing Position in Android Market


23 August 2011

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, August 22, 2011 - Game Insight continues to dominate the free-to-play Android games market by launching their new title, My Country, into the number two slot behind their previous hit Paradise Island.

Game Insight, one of the world’s leaders in mobile and social games has announced today that their new title, My Country, has claimed the position of second-highest grossing application on Android behind their other hugely successful game Paradise Island. My Country quickly rose in the list in less than a week after it was released on August 10th. The game has already gained over 500,000 installs. Holding steady for a week, the first and second top-grossing applications are now games by Game Insight, demonstrating their commanding position within the Android Market.
“We are extremely pleased with what we have achieved in such a short time with our second hit title,” commented Darya Trushkina, Vice-President of Business Development for Game Insight. “The success of My Country wasn’t entirely a surprise for us, since we were certain we had another game that would bring Android games to the next level of entertainment for players. After Paradise Island had blown up, it was crucially important for us not to lose players’ trust in our brand; We succeeded in providing them with an even better game!”
My Country exemplifies the freemium monetization philosophy adopted by Game Insight, whose focus is to provide premium-quality mobile games to every user, absolutely free of charge. My Country is a highly-entertaining game with bright 3D graphics, addictive gameplay and a vast number of tasks to keep players engaged through the development of their very own sovereign nation. Paradise Island, another market-defining game by Game Insight, is known worldwide for holding its place at the top of the chart for over three months. My Country and Paradise Island are anticipated to retain their top ranking for some time and they may soon be joined by another upcoming title from Game Insight,Crime Story.
My Country is being developed by innoWate, one of Game Insight’s development studios. It is available for download on the Android Market.