Release | The Tribez is now on Windows 8


19 February 2015

Game Insight is announcing the release of its smash hit The Tribez on Windows 8. This is an award-winning game with more than 25 millions fans from all over the world. It became Game Insight's popular brand name over the years and proved itself to be one of Game Insight’s most successful and globally known projects.Now you too can enjoy the wonderful world of tribezmen on your laptop, PC or on a Windows 8 tablet.

The Tribez is city-building game that takes place in a fabled universe from a distant past. Build your settlement from the ground up, explore the beautiful game world, discover unique and mysterious locations, manage production and complete exciting quests as you take on the role of a chief who strives to lead the tribezmen to happiness and prosperity.

The Tribez has previously been released for iPad and iPhone, on Windows Phone, on Google Play and for social networks, including Facebook. The new Windows 8 version is the most beautiful to date, as it is available in Full HD resolution.

Download The Tribez on Windows Store