Release | Flower House is now available in the Windows Store


05 February 2015

Do you want to decorate windowsills with exotic plants, create your own hybrids, and put together astonishing bouquets and gift them to your friends? Then Flower House is just the game for you! There are more than 100 extraordinary plants in the game that you’d never be able to see in the wild, as well as numerous pots, statuettes and mounts which will help you to create a special and unique interior of your room. In addition, you’ll come to see dozens of astonishingly pretty butterflies: try to catch them and see what happens!

Flower House gives you an opportunity to play together with your friends, so find good neighbours, visit them from time to time and help each other grow new and amazing plants!

The game has previously been released for iPhone and iPad, as well as on Google Play. On these platforms, Flower House has enjoyed notable popularity, especially among the female audience.

Download Flower House from Windows Store.