Newbie in interior or home design technology? No worries, we’ve got it covered for you


24 January 2015

Whether you are a homeowner willing to renew or create a unique home or a seasoned interior designer, realtor or retailer, 5D Planner is an ideal free tool for you to perfect your designing skills and easily shape your home decoration.

The application helps you to conveniently and instantaneously create beautiful interior and landscape designs in addition to bringing your inner creativity to light. This tool allows you to map out your dream home within minutes without exceptional skills or training needed. The interface of the application is as simple and straightforward as possible in order to make the Planner 5D extremely user-friendly. Using the tool actually makes you feel like you are playing a game, astonishingly culminating in a detailed and vivid interior design project. Not only can you add real furniture from integrated manufacturer catalogues to your project, work on it together with several users or use the application offline, but also easily share your designs on social media channels. Multilingualism is another advantage of the Planner 5D, allowing you to experience visualising your project in nine different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, German and Lithuanian.




This is your brief guide to getting advanced in home design in no time. Follow the tips to start creating your dream space within minutes!

Get a wave of inspiration without procrastination

If you don’t know how to start just yet, stop wandering around the apartment waiting until inspiration finds you. Instead, take control of it and find limitless inspirations within yourself by simply browsing Planner 5D Photos which are categorized by themes in a very handy way. It will help you effortlessly choose the design you like and transform it from idea to a real project.

Another feature likely to boost your imagination is the Planner 5D Gallery where users store and share their impressive projects. You can easily become a part of the community by engaging with the most favorite designs. Explore, save, comment on the fanciest projects created by Planner 5D users.




Jump-start your project with Planner 5D

Once you’re all set with grand ideas, begin your Planner 5D journey either by starting your project from scratch or continuing on your previously saved project or customizing semi-finished and completed projects from the inspiring Planner 5D Gallery.




In order to build your own project from the very beginning, shape it and build it by easily dragging and dropping rooms to your layout and moving walls to desired positions. Their size and shape are easily adjustable and titles of the rooms can be assigned and changed at any time by choosing from the drop down list. For your convenience, Planner 5D allows viewing your plan in different measurement units, such as meters or feet.



Current progress can be already visualised by simply clicking the 3D button allowing you to observe your project in the spectacular 3D mode by scaling and adopting the best viewing angle. Favorably, you can do this at any stage of your work.



Whenever you’re done with exploring and planning the ground floor, you may build up new floors by simply clicking on the arrow above your project area (showing the floor you’re working on at that moment). It is as simple as that - choose to add new floor and feel free to rename it according to your own preferences. And voila, you see the initial floor plan of the ground floor which can now be used for creating further floors.



Use myriad of extraordinary items to get it styled


Express your creativity by selecting various colors, styles, fibers and textures from the regularly enriched Planner 5D catalogue in order to adjust the walls, floor and ceiling and by picking desirable items from the comprehensive library of furniture, electrical outlets, décor and even outdoor objects, which might be handy while planning a lovely garden, swimming pool or a backyard terrace. You can use basic library elements, which are free of charge as well as buy more advanced, but fairly priced library items. Simply click on the locked item to get the pricing list and upgrade your account to get the full catalog access.

Advantageously, all the library items can be elementarily rotated by any angle to make them look as realistic as possible. 



In addition to picking and adding items from the catalogue one by one, you are also able to explore pre-designed rooms, select particular pieces and use them in your designs. This feature makes the process of choosing and combining even more effortless.

Observe your finished project in 3D mode again in order to make sure you are happy about all the details and the ultimate result.



Enrich your visualization with a high quality 3D image

Once you have decorated and adorned your home in detail, consider taking a regular, draft or HD screenshot of a rendered view to capture a brighter and more realistic view of your 3D project.



The quality of a draft version is rather low, but it takes only 30 seconds to be completed, hence it is perfect for a quick check.

3D Regular snapshot provides a quick and clear view of your project with a medium quality.

In contrast, the HD one delivers an outstandingly sharp view. It takes approximately half an hour to process an image due to the complex operation requiring additional server resources. We can assure that the waiting time is worth it’s impeccable results! The exceptional quality provides you with a clear view of your design, which now seems to look rather real than virtual.




Make your masterpiece spotted online

Instantly share your designs on various channels by clicking on the sharing button and copying the ‘link to view’ or add your project to any website by inserting the code.



You can simply link to your project by placing the sharing URL to your social media sites, blog posts, articles or any other online material that you produce for your readers or customers. Moreover, you have an opportunity to integrate your project to any website, whether it is aimed at selling homes, presenting interior designs or marketing floor plans. It will appear as a smaller interactive version of your project, easy to navigate, zoom, preview in 2D and 3D modes etc.



Get easy access to your projects

An additional option besides downloading Planner 5D from the Apple App Store or going directly to their website, is installing it as a Chrome App from the Chrome Web Store. Planner 5D is rated four star and above in both of the application distribution platforms, which indicates rather excellent customer satisfaction.

Congrats! You’re all set up. No excuses left, start creating marvelous designs.