Overview of the 4talk IM Service: the New Generation of Cloud Messenger


01 December 2014

Sometimes it might seem that only the laziest of developers missed their chance to create a messenger for mobile devices. Even if we tried to list the most popular solutions on the market, they could hardly be counted on one hand. The problem is that it’s hard to find the perfect option among such a diverse variety. Some solutions do not have applications for desktops, others lack notification synchronization or the ability to integrate correspondence from different devices, some do not include stickers or original emoticons, and thus communication becomes less lively…

Surely, this situation cannot last forever. And so, the developers of 4talk IM now claim they have created the perfect messenger.

This application is available for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. Only the users of Windows Phone 8 based devices seem to be deprived of their share of this new application, but surely this problem will be solved in the near future. Besides, the number of these smartphones is much smaller than that of the others, so the lack of this application on Windows Phone 8 can hardly be seen as a drawback. What is even more important is that now you can communicate right from your PC using one of the two main operational systems and have no need to take out your smartphone or tablet each time you get a message. Moreover, the developers are already planning on creating a browser version as well; this way, users won’t even have to install the app and will be able to stay in touch even when using another person’s PC.

By the way, on November 20th a new version of this application appeared featuring a new design, an upgraded security system and increased productivity. Now all apps and the browser version of the service are using secure TLS 1.2 encoding, file mailing supports up to 2 GB, and the transfer rate was increased a full three times.

So, what’s so special about 4talk IM? First of all I’d like to mention that the 4talk Global Inc. international organization created a messenger that uses cloud technologies. The average user might not be that interested in the way the messenger’s work is orchestrated; they are probably much more concerned with the possibilities that this infrastructure provides.

What about these, then?

First of all, one account is fully valid for any number of devices using various platforms. Just imagine trying to do this using WhatsApp! The account is linked to all the different devices with the help of SMS confirmations sent to the user’s main phone number specified during the sign-up process. As soon as the user creates an account, the app will save all their contacts, correspondence and files within the cloud; what’s even more important, all this data will be synchronized, including the confirmations, on different devices. As I have already said, the maximum size of the files sent has increased in the new version and is now 2 GB. Certainly, the fact that all files are stored by the developer imposes certain limitations on the total data volume: only 12 GB are available for each user for storing files and correspondence. However, using all of this space won’t be easy; besides, after some time, the most active users will be able to increase the total storage volume for additional fee. There is currently no such function, but the developers already have this monetization in their future plans.

In the case that you do not have many 4talk IM users among your friends (which you can check by exporting Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook and vCard), you can invite new users from other services or send SMS and email requests in no time at all. As for communicating, private and public chat rooms are both available, as well as options allowing you to send and receive video and audio messages, pictures and geolocation data. A set of nice original emoticons can also be considered a pleasant bonus. To put this another way, we have all the preferred features of users on other services, except for voice chat, and all these features are gathered within one service, 4talk IM.

As an added bonus, it is worth noting the possibilities to work with media content, for example the save settings which let you reduce the file size to accelerate its transfer with an unstable connection or the opportunity to download the original images automatically. Of course, there are typing notifications, a ‘blacklist’ for unwanted or annoying contacts, sound settings and the notification settings.

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that 4talk IM is one of the best messengers in the market at present. It seems to have one issue only, and that is the current number of users. Yet, this issue can be easily settled by installing the messenger and inviting friends; this will help increasing the number of users. As for the functionality and user-friendliness of 4talk IM, you can test it and see for yourself. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!