Website of the day: Yawork work on the map


16 November 2014

Today’s website of the day is the service Yawork designed for people who would like to work close to home.

The website Yawork differs from other search engines vacancies that focuses not on salary (which in these ads constantly misinterprets) and not on the field (which in Russia is still very conditional), and the geographical distribution of vacancies. All job offers on the website Yawork placed on the map, so you can always see what kind of work are you in this place.
Currently Yawork is still in beta stage in a limited area. It is too early to say how well implemented the idea of service, what problems will arise and what mistakes will be made along the way. It is important that the idea is good now, and now you can at least try.

Generally, it is amazing that such a service was created ten years ago. This is a much needed functionality. Frightening to think how many man hours are spent in our country every day on the way to work and from work. A significant portion of the population spends money on transport, creates excessive traffic, exposing themselves to various risks from infections to robbers and all in order to get to work, which he found too far from home. None of these people are not seeking to spend hours stuck in traffic jams or shaking in a subway, but that’s life. Not every profession allows waking up to reach the laptop and immediately be in the workplace – in most cases, personal presence “on the job”. It is not surprising that many people want to find if not the perfect job, but in walking distance from home. Especially if we are not talking about a narrow specializations, and about a regular job, which can handle every second. A huge number of people want self-realization in their chosen profession and not a career in a successful company, but only to earn a living, and have this life to live in between work and sleep. For such people the nature of the work is not important. Not managed to get a bartender – it is possible for the same money to work as a roofer. But next to the house. Especially useful when moved to another city, don’t know anything here really, but at least some work nearby need right now.

Generally, such people have always been plenty of, just before, they rarely went to the Internet and many web users they simply did not know. If you spend whole days sitting on the network, it begins to seem that the world consists of programmers, journalists, PR specialists and designers, but the network popularization among the rest of the population creates good prospects for such services, as Yawork.