Flower House on Google Play


12 November 2014

Do you like flowers? Do you want to grow the most gorgeous plants ever and give colorful bouquets to your friends? Then Flower House is the perfect choice for you! This game has already won the hearts of hundreds of thousands female players. It has previously been released for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and is now available for download from the Google Play app store.

Create all-new flower breeds by crossing a rose with an iris, or a jasmine with an orchid. Flower House lets players create unbelievably beautiful breeds of flower — more than 100 varieties in all, including some not found in the real world. Players will enjoy an impressive variety of vases, mounts, and figurines to design stunning interiors with their unique sense of style. In addition, you’ll come to see dozens of astonishingly beautiful butterflies: try to catch them and see what happens! Experience a lush new chapter in free simulation games — download Flower House now!

Download Flower House on Google Play