Game Insight Celebrates Halloween with Game Content Updates


09 November 2014

Social and mobile game developer and publisher Game Insight has announced a slew of new Halloween content updates for its games across mobile devices and Facebook. From helping Dracula prepare for Halloween in 2020 My Country to defeating zombies and ghosts in Cloud Raiders, there looks to be something for everyone this spooky Halloween season. Here’s a look at the company’s updates on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon mobile devices.

2020 My Country (iOSAndroidWindows PhoneAmazon) – Game Insight’s city-builder has “dozens” of new Halloween buildings and decor items to choose from. Players will meet Dracula and Jack-o-Lantern characters, and players will help them prepare for Halloween. Plus, gamers can help their friends get rid of a zombie invasion. If players complete all of the game’s Halloween activities, they’ll receive 50 CountryBucks.

Airport City (iOSAndroidWindows PhoneAmazon) – Airport City has been updated with an event called “The Dark Skies,” which sees new ghost planes added to the game, as well as five new collections to complete. Players can send flights to special locations, including Transylvania and Machu Picchu, and can complete over 30 Halloween quests featuring a battle between a genius scientist and invading ghosts. Finally, players can construct new buildings like a Cemetery and Halloween Shop.

Cloud Raiders (iOSAndroidWindows PhoneAmazon) – This base-building combat game has been updated with the Flying Dutchman Challenge, which sees players defending their base from swarms of zombies and ghosts. Players can also unlock an exclusive island skin for their base called “The Haunted Island.” This skin is only available for a limited time.

Flower House (iOSAndroid) – This flower shop simulation game has been updated with 10 new collections, 70 new quests, 20 new pots and decorations to place on gamers’ windowsills. In-game characters have also been dressed up in special Halloween costumes.

Legacy of Transylvania (iOS) – This hidden object game has been updated with a new room called simply “The Pumpkin,” as well as six new collections of items to discover. Players can complete 32 new quests and a pets system has also been added to the game.

Mirrors of Albion (iOSAndroidAmazon) – Another hidden object game, Mirrors of Albion has been updated with new quests with mini-games, as well as a new mob type that will wander around the game’s fictionalized streets of London. Two collections have also been introduced, associated with these event-specific mini-games.

Mystery Manor HD (iOSAndroidAmazon) – In the Mystery Manor Halloween event, players can search for hidden objects in a new room, the Dark Library, and can complete 32 new quests. Players will encounter two new monsters and can also complete six unique collections as part of this event.

Sunshine Bay (iOSAndroid) – This tropical city-builder has been updated with a new building, the Ghost Estate. Players can complete all new quests and collections as part of this Halloween event, and will encounter ghost ships floating in the bay off of the island. A special reward building is also available to players as they complete this new event.

In addition to these specific updates, Halloween content has also been added to Game Insight’s Big Business Deluxe, Paradise Island, The Tribez and The Tribez & Castlez. Users can also find many of these content updates in the available versions on Facebook. Happy Halloween!