4talk Rules


05 November 2014

Who can tell you more about a program than its creator? And who can say more about 4talk than Sergey Kravtsov, the man who knows messengers better than anyone in the world? That’s right, no one. For this interview we decided to choose a new format, no questions. You can see for yourself when you read Sergey’s story. Think of it as if you were receiving messages in a chat. And if you haven’t already installed 4talk on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac — now is the time.

The idea was already in the air. All of us (well, most of us) use Dropbox and other cloud systems. Everyone (again, most of us) uses WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage. But what if we combined functions of a messenger with features of a cloud service? There must be loads of people who want to chat with their friends and exchange big files at the same time. And I mean really big files, not just little pictures or photos. That’s how 4talk emerged.

Here’s another example of how it works: Tom Yorke has uploaded his latest album ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ to the internet. If you have it, you could just send it to me over 4talk, so I don’t have to search for torrent trackers. You couldn’t do that through iMessage, could you? But you can do it through 4talk, that’s what it was designed for. The guys from Game Insight exchange huge files with the help of our messenger and save a lot of time because of it! And I’m really proud that many other people use 4talk as a professional tool in their work as well.

A telephone number – that’s all you need to start using 4talk on any of your devices: iPad, Samsung Galaxy, MacBook or iPhone. Why limit someone’s freedom?

I want total, FULL synchronization so that I have the same history, files, voice messages and geodata on all of my devices. That way all 4talk users can enjoy high speed communication. Here I am, chatting on my Note 4, and then I can go straight on to my PC to continue the dialogue. I’m then able to see my entire chat log, everything is clear and the way it’s supposed to be. iMessage does not have that. You close your notebook — you lose your messages on the iPhone. Or you don’t. It’s not that obvious. And I don’t even want to start with Skype and Viber. No, what we want is flexibility and speed.

Your contacts in 4talk are the contacts in your smartphone’s phonebook. And thanks to our security system there’s no spam. Even iMessage has spam — we don’t. And all messages are encrypted, so that no one else can read them.

Here’s an interesting feature — if you send me a big file, say 900 MB, I can send the link to that file to another person without having to download it. That person can then either download it or send the link to someone else of their choice. Feels a lot like e-mail, right? Only instead of letters we have huge files.

Our main features are messaging and file exchange, but there’s even more to 4talk. For instance, simple voice messages: Say my smartphone is in a mount in my car, I can tap a button, dictate my message and hit ‘Send’, then you’d listen to the message. Everything is safe and secure, there’s no need for complex interaction, and you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Here’s another cool thing – sending geo markers. It’s easy to show your friends where you are, and ask them to show you where they are. This could come in handy if, for instance, someone’s had more than enough to drink and got lost on the way to their friends.

We’ve started only recently, but already 200,000 people are using 4talk. By the time this article comes out — there’ll be even more. Why is it booming like that, you might ask? Well, it’s easier to just try it once for yourself.

I’m amazed by modern messengers that offer smiley exchange. Hey, guys! It’s 2015 out there! How about movie exchange? How about having the same chat history on your smartphone and on your computer? We must look into the future instead of trying to live in ICQ times.

Apple is already very interested in us. We introduced voice messaging even before they did. There are some other features as well. We have partnership-like relations.

You sent me a message from your iPhone 6 Plus, and then I see it on my screen. It makes you feel good that I’m interested in your new gadget. It might not mean a lot to some older people, but to youngsters — it means the world.

You have total control. You see all your devices which are online, and you can remotely shut them down in case you need to. Security is of utmost importance!

According to our data, 4talk users usually install the messenger on three separate devices: their smartphone, computer and tablet. It’s a huge responsibility to develop something for such an advanced audience. These are not your usual gadget lovers. They are gadget lovers who expect a miracle from you. They are expecting 4talk to give them a special experience.

“Oh my… another ICQ clone. For crying out loud!” – that’s what people say when they’ve just installed 4talk and used it for 10 minutes. Give them an hour, and you’ll see that they’ll already have installed 4talk on all other devices. They tend to like our product! They start spending sleepless nights going through code, trying to even further increase the speed and add new features.

Right now you can install 4talk on your Mac, and you will receive a confirmation code on your cell phone. All of your photos, all your videos, all the text files — all our long chat will be there. Take it and use it. Shouldn’t journalists be able to enjoy features like these? You would be able to recall any conversation you’d had at any moment in time. By the way, your iPhone will notify you immediately if someone has started using the client on your MacBook.

We’re working all over the world, including Europe and the USA. The system is solid. If you can support speeds of up to 100 MB, we’ll give you 100 MB. No limitations.

Another hugely important thing is that our messenger doesn’t drain the battery of your mobile device.

Voice and video calls are just a question of time. For now, we want to focus on traditional features and file sharing. By the way, we’re testing the web interface for 4talk as you read this. So, very soon you will be able to get a hold of all your contacts, files and chat history by using literally any computer connected to the internet. Pretty cool, right?

There’s gossip that 4talk is being considered as a state system — a government messenger, tested and approved by secret services, a part of a huge communication platform. Well, so far it’s just gossip.

When we were creating 4talk, we had a motto — be simple, be fast.

I think we’ve succeeded!