Dragon Warlords is a new 3D PvP strategy now available on Google Play


13 October 2014

Fight monsters and other players for the lands of Tart. Build your castle, protect your walls, gather a big army and crush your opponents! Prove your cunning, bravery and tactician’s talent to win in our new 3D strategy Dragon Warlords, which is already available on Google Play.

The game takes pace in a world named Adan, a thousand year prior to the events of an extraordinary popular MMORPG Dragon Eternity, with more than a 10 million player base worldwide. You will have to fight AI opponents as well as real players in order to protect your realm. Build high walls, defend the treasures, hire the best warriors for your army and conquer your opponents’ castles! The combat system allows you to employ different tactics depending on the situation, making every battle truly unique!

Stunning graphics powered by the Unity 3D technology will get you deeply immersed in the game. Smooth animation, gorgeous models, dynamic fights and great sound effects will help players feel empowered by playing as warlords in Adan, fighting for their lands! You can download Dragon Warlords absolutely free from Google Play.