A gigabyte in a message!


09 October 2014

 You give access to the selected people, and let them download stuff. But there’s an easier way — the 4talk messenger. You can send files up to 1GB in size and the data will be stored in a cloud. So, basically, you can access data from any of your devices. Easy-to-use? You bet!

The cross-platform messenger 4talk offers many unique features: instant voice messages, cloud support and even unique smiley collections.

4talk saves time and cloud space

Imagine you have to share an 800MB archive with professional photos. You’re talking to a customer through a messenger and want to send some pictures. And at this point you face the question of how you will handle that. What if the customer (or friend/relative) is not an advanced PC user?

Email is not an option because you’ll have to divide the photos into 20MB segments that will fit in one message. You can also share them through Google Drive or Dropbox but this will take some time and use up some of your precious cloud space.

4talk easily resolves this problem. Attach the file to your message, and it will be sent to the recipient through the messenger’s cloud service.

After that the file will be available for download both for you and your customer regardless of the device you are using to access 4talk.

The 4talk cloud storage offers 15GB of space for free. That is the amount of information you can store in the messenger’s cloud at a time.

After sending your file, you can share it with other users through 4talk, social networks or just email it by copying and pasting the link.

Currently the option of uploading big files is available only for Windows and Mac versions. However, shortly it will be presented for Android and iOS devices.

The cloud services are synchronized on all your devices, allowing you to send and download your files anywhere: at home, at work or on the go.