Dragon Eternity Spinoff ‘Dragon Warlords’ Announced


04 September 2014

Any chance you’re still an active player of Game Insight’s Dragon Eternity? If so, get ready to trade up. The company announced Dragon Warlords at Gamescom 2014.

Like the latest crop of Game Insight titles (Running Shadow, X-Mercs, Tank Domination), Dragon Warlords will be presented with 3D models powered by Unity.

Set in Adan (the same world as Dragon Eternity), players will “build an impregnable castle with defensive towers and repel raids by other players,” says today’s press release.

Don’t let the wording scare you — it doesn’t appear to be yet another Clash of Clans clone. If anything, it looks like it might be their stab at a MOBA. Check out the video above starting at the 54 second mark and see for yourself.

There’s no word yet on a release date (heck, we’re still waiting for X-Mercs), but we’ll let you know the moment we hear anything at all.

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