Startuppers from Saint-Petersburg are giving away 5000 ruble notes to get publicity


28 August 2014

The creators of Yawork startup decided to take up a recently popular activity: they hide 5000 ruble banknotes abound the city and post clues to their whereabouts in the vacancy section of their website. This was stated in a letter sent to TJournal by the startup cofounder Roman Gorbachev.

Gorbachev says that he started hiding money around Saint Petersburg on Monday, August 4th. Overall he’s made 10 secret stashes with 1000 and 5000 ruble banknotes.

He and his colleagues have been marking the secret places with the logo of their startup — Yawork, which helps people find work near home. Yet the co-founder of the company decided to make the challenge a little harder and left the only clues to finding the money on the official website of the startup, among the many vacancies.

Should the people need more clues to find the hidden cash, Gorbachev promised to post photos of the places where he hid the money to the company’s official VKontakte account. According to the co-founder of Yawork, if this undertaking gains traction, he will increase the number of stashes and the quantity of cash in each one.
Hiding money is fun, but not as easy as it first seemed. First of all, it takes forever to find a fitting place for a stash, and I had to walk across many neighborhoods in the city. Second, when you actually do find the place, it’s a whole quest to put the container with the cash there. It has to be hidden from the eyes of regular pedestrians, and after that I have to put our logo around the place, to mark it. Thankfully, I’ve managed to evade any inconvenient questions during my actions. Don’t really know what I would say to the police if they found me doing stuff like this,

says Roman Gorbachev, co-founder of Yawork.

According to Roman Gorbachev, he was inspired by success stories of Robin Hoods from abroad. At the end of May an anonymous businessman hid some cash in San Francisco and started a Twitter quest, which led to a series of similar games. In June the trend has hit Moscow, when an unknown freelancer decided to make a quest of his own, yet his stashes turned out to be too hard to find.

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