4talk: Windows client review


21 July 2014

If you are a Windows user who uses a messenger on your smartphone, you’ve probably noticed there isn’t a Windows client that lets you use your messenger on your PC. There ought to be one, right? No one likes typing on a smartphone.

In spite of that, most widely used messengers do not have this capability. There isn’t a Windows client for WhatsApp, and while Viber users can use their messenger on Windows, it’s only on one computer, and they can’t access message history from other devices.

The cloud messenger 4talk aims to address these issues. It has full-fledged Windows and Mac clients.
In this review we’ll go over 4talk for Windows and its features. You can install the client on any device that runs Windows like, for example, a transformer tablet.

4talk is a convenient cloud-based messaging service that works on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Every device running 4talk has immediate access to the account’s entire message history, including all media and transferred files.

A 4talk account is a phone number. You will always receive a validation text when you launch 4talk for the first time after installing it on a new device. Because of that, you need to have access to the phone with the SIM card used to register the 4talk account. Once you validate the first launch, the client will start and synchronize with the cloud. You will have immediate access to conversation history, including photos, videos, shared documents, and any other files.

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