Game Insight Named Among Top Ten Russian Internet Companie


05 March 2014

Forbes magazine has listed its top ten major Russian Internet companies, with Game Insight at number seven. Game Insight is also the only company on the list that focuses on free-to-play games for mobile and social platforms, the main feature of free-to-play games being that players can download and play them free of charge.

“We are proud to have been named one of the top ten most successful Internet companies in the Russian market. This ranking clearly shows that freemium games in general are growing, and that our strategy is successful,” said Alisa Chumachenko, CEO and Founder of Game Insight. Game Insight has developed and published more than 40 games for iOS, Android, Facebook, VKontakte, Amazon and other mobile app stores and social networks. The company has more than 900 employees and its total audience exceeds more than 250 million users worldwide.

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