Game Insight Launches All-New Game Channel on Apple App Store


06 December 2013

Game Insight is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new Game Insight channel on the Apple App Store. The new channel will feature all of Game Insight’s newest and most popular iOS titles, including Mystery Manor, Airport City, The Tribez, Dragon Eternity and Tank Domination, and in the future, it will be home to the company’s future titles, including Running Shadow.

To commemorate this remarkable event, Game Insight is running special offers in all its iOS games, including in-game events and unique holiday bonuses for players.

Game Insight has released more than two dozen game apps on the App Store for iPhone and iPad that have been installed by millions of players worldwide. Mystery Manor, Airport City, and The Tribez in particular have become smash-hits on iOS devices. Game Insight’s iOS game portfolio is continuing to grow in exciting new directions, including new additions to casual gaming offerings such as Hotel Enigma, as well as new «mid-core» titles for more-experienced users, such as Dragon Eternity and Tank Domination.

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