PhotoPlanner from Planner 5D


03 April 2014

Creators of Planner 5D (service for apartment layouts) released mobile app PhotoPlanner, which allows you to create 3D-space model from natural photographs. This was reported in a press release received by H & F.

«This tool will be useful for those who don’t have time to "draw" space plan in professional planner, but wants to visualize the idea for a particular interior design quickly: for example, choose a sofa in your living room or determine the dimensions of the desk» - explains co-founder Alexey Sheremetyev.

Now PhotoPlanner owners can use only iPhone and iPad -version. Android Version will be released within a year.

In turn , Planner 5D already installed more than 2.5 million users. Total number of layouts made ​​with the service exceeded 7 million

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