Intel Capital is willing to invest $65 million dollars


28 October 2013

The Intel Capital investment subdivision announced its intention to make substantial investments in 16 start-ups, including start-ups from India (Perpetuuiti Technosoft in Mumbai and Savaari Car Rentals in Bangalore). In total, 65 million U.S. dollars will be invested. Currently, the company has already invested 4 million U.S. dollars, dividing them between 16 start-ups, which are located in China, Japan, the United States, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Israel and France.

In which companies have millions of Intel Capital been invested? In a cloud of consulting firm CloudFX (Singapore), cloud database storage systems based on software Cloudian (Japan), Services Platform CSDN (China), an interactive video platform Interlude (Israel) and U.S. companies: in WiTricity wireless developer and Dot Product Software software and semiconductor materials developer.

In general, Indian and Chinese companies had been invested with 250 and 500 million U.S. dollars, including at the expense of Intel Capital. The company began its operations in 1991 and in 22 years has invested 12 billion U.S. dollars in 1,300 companies.

As already mentioned, the company has made a significant contribution to development of Perpetuuiti Technosoft. Rohil Sharma, Perpetuuiti Technosoft CEO in Mumbai, said: “The presence of such venture capitalist, as Intel Capital, is important for any startup, especially since not every investor can be compared with the scope and scale of Intel Capital”.

Note that the majority of investments in start-ups comes through registered entities from the Cayman Islands and Mauritius, it is done for tax benefits.