Apple presents new iPads, MacBook Pro and Mavericks


22 October 2013

Tuesday, October 22, Apple hosts a foremost event which without any hesitations can be named futuristic. And the company does have something to show: new tablets, computers and software. What will be presented?

Mavericks operating system is the continuation of apple Mac OS. New variant can impress with additional set of functions, presence of cards and ibooks, support of few displays and Finder application. As to the date of the system entry into market some sources say that Mavericks will enter it at the end of October and others say that Apple will start sales at Mac App Store this week. Final release date and price of new software Apple will announce on October 22. Experts suppose that OS X Mavericks price will be 19 $ higher.

Macs. Beside the release of new Mac OS the release of Mac Pro is also expected (according to estimates it will be enough expensive version). Apparently the new product will have installed Retina MacBook Pro with more time of offline work (owing to Intel Haswell corporation), better FaceTime camera and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Formerly Apple announced that such kind of system as Mac Pro will not have success while statistics shows opposite results. Retina MacBook Pro release is limited and the system itself tributes to fashion.

Software. Beside of abovementioned products the new version of iWork both for Mac and iOS will be presented inside of gorgeous halls of Yerba Buena. But for these OS the new iOS version is expected, maybe developers will present new functional cards in IPhoto. 

iPads. Of course, the main development of future presentation will be new iPads – thinner, easier and more functional! Both full-size Ipad in sort of «jumbo iPad mini» and mini IPad with Retina display will be presented and it's more than likely that both models will have set in chipsets and 64-bit A7. As iPads cameras seem outdated when compared to iPhone ones, back and front cameras updates are expected.

Apple TV. If there is something that experts didn’t forecast that is Apple TV. If what is said is true the company did its best while working with Apple TV. We will get to know the details after presentation realization.

Coverage. Albert Gor assured that the audience who will come to the presentation will be supplied with full coverage. However events of October 22 develop all hard news will be available before and after the event.