Square Cash: money transfer via e-mail


18 October 2013

What would you say if you get to know that now you can transfer money with the help of e-mail?

We would like to bring your attention to Square Cash – the service for all USA users who has debit cards. In order to make use of this service it is enough to write a new letter with the help of any e-mail indicating the sum in the main field and payment method in the subject field and send it to cash@square.com. If it is the first time when you use Square Cash additionally you will need to indicate your debit card number. The service does not have any accounts, applications for download, new users invitations, different payments and additional payments.

As we remember the market of money transmission is occupied by such popular services as PayPal and Venmo which state that their methods of money transfer are the most convenient ones. Some of such services are applications and some of them are web-sites but we can’t say that all of them are easy to use. And if to compare them then Venmo is the most convenient service but even this one has its own difficulties: you need to download application, add bank account, wait for money, then cash out and wait for card transfer. Square Cash will help you to omit all these stages.

New payment service functions solely on the basis of e-mail. Of course the question about safety may be aroused. Brian Grasadoja sales manager assured that the company many times conducted researches and after considering their results the product turned out to be 100% safety.

Square Cash will be available on iPhone and Android. But this is not a standard application to which we got used to. When starting Square Cash the user will be redirected to the page with a keyboard with the help of which you will be proposed to type in necessary sum. Then the application goes to the page with a form where you will need to add your friend name and other information. Some fields will be filled by the system automatically. Then we just click “Send” and the money are on the receiver account.

What kind of future this new service has we will get to know from foreign sources in a short time. Soon we will know whether the commission is charged, whether users like Square Cash and what creators expectations are.