Twitter buys social TV Tracker Trendrr


28 August 2013

Popular social network Twitter buys Trendrr TV service—which was previously a direct competitor to Twitter’s own internal analytics system.

On Wednesday, Twitter acquired the last of a trio of acquisitions to help it dominate the social space. At the beginning of the year, Twitter bought Bluefin Labs, and a bit later, it purchased Social Guide. And now, the company has acquired Trendrr—a company whose Trendrr.TV product measures real-time social engagement for television audiences.

What drove Twitter to purchase Trendrr? For starters, this social analytics company has access to on-air social analytics and also broadcasts it to other social networks.

Let’s note that only a couple of weeks ago, Facebook used paid research from Trendrr that indicated that Facebook was getting five times the broadcast time of Twitter.

The second reason for this seemingly inevitable purchase reason was: Trendrr can attract attention to new, up-to-the-minute tweets related to specific events. The news will be posted on the basis of Trendrr’s other product, Curatorr.

Mark Guneym, Trendrr’s CEO, commented in his blog: “Curatorr will deal with media companies, marketing specialists and also will show partners ecosystems.”

The purchase of Trendrr is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. It dislodges rivals who buy analytics and purchase personal media.