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29 August 2013

For the past two months, we have been dedicating our time exclusively to this project and are happy to present our preliminary results. In brief, our goal, modest or not, is to create a scholarly, business-focused journal for entrepreneurs, not unlike a version of Harvard Business Review for startups.


So, what do we know about startups? First, they’re difficult to set up. As a founder, you have to lay an enormous base for further development – create a team, a product, a clientele, a business model, a brand, and a corporate culture. We have met with more than 600 entrepreneurs, and can say with confidence that each and every path to success is unique, and the lessons learned while creating new startups can be useful for experienced founders, as well as for newcomers.

We will describe the principles of our work in the “review” section. First of all, our approach differs from what other venture companies do. Instead of simply creating a portfolio with a list of independent companies, we get entrepreneurial communities involved. We think that the best advice is given not only by venture capitalists, but rather, in most cases, by colleagues and on-the-ground practitioners. In this way, we can create a combination of tools, products and services that will help founders share ideas and best practices, and offer real insight.

In the past year or so, we have realized that our ideas and knowledge differ to a great extent from the information available freely on the Internet. Yes, there are a lot of reports about startups posted online. Every day dozens of articles are published about “what” startups do – new rounds of funding, launching new product lines, and the latest gossip about new techniques and trends. But only a few articles explain “how” they do it.

So, we have the opportunity to create a completely new type of online media, based on entrepreneurial techniques that actually work. Now newcomers can create their startups and learn from the experience of successful founders. There’s a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight that can be acquired from business operators, managers, engineers and marketing experts. IMI.VC’s goal is to provide this knowledge to help its partners achieve truly great results.

We understand that venture funds are not media publishers. But many venture capitalists have published genuinely useful information on their blogs. The difference between what we’ll cover here, and what gets covered in other venture specialists’ blogs is that they work hard to share their personal observations on market and company work, while we aim to organize an exchange of knowledge by leading practitioners, in other words, people “in the field.”

We believe that our blog will not only become insightful, but perhaps, even popular for the following reasons:

- We are not concerned with monetizing our blog or with attracting thousands of visitors.

- We allocate a lot of time to work out new ways of helping our project to grow and develop.

- We develop software, provide services and support more than 70 events every year.

- We will allow our readership to take a look behind the scenes of successful business projects.

- We are proud of our extensive network and will be able to provide tutorials from the best experts in each field.

- We know everything about startups: how they work, which decisions are worth making and what is necessary for success.

We’ll be sharing the knowledge of specialists from such leading companies as Game Insight, Planner 5D, NARR8, Kula-tech, WeHeartPics, and App in the Air, among other successful projects in our original articles. We already have more than 20 publications by now, and this is far from the end.

What is to be expected in the future?

We believe there is real demand for such a project. Therefore, we will continue working hard to share the knowledge of talented people in the field of technology. Going forward, we will publish a range of different articles and resources.

Likewise, we hope that different firms and enterprises will cooperate with us, since new knowledge will help everyone make new strides forward. In the future, we will continue to expand on this project. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.