Narr8 brings its motion comic book platform to iPhone


20 August 2013

Digital comic book startup Narr8 is rolling out a new version of its storytelling platform for the iPhone today, the company revealed to VentureBeat.

The service lets users both read and create motion comics for free. Narr8 isn’t what most U.S. comic book fans would think of as comics, but it definitely has some leeway since we’re dealing with a digital storytelling platform (meaning it’ll be a little bit new to everyone). Essentially, you’re still downloading digital comics that can be read on a weekly or monthly basis, but Narr8′s approach is set up a lot like mobile gaming networks in the sense that it uses gamification techniques as a main part of its business strategy.

The new Narr8 iPhone app translates its motion comic book experience to a smaller screen, which is important considering that the size of a device can have a huge impact on a story. Narr8 said all of its previously created series will be available on the iPhone, including its educational non-fiction line of stories, including Alma Mater, Micro, Biographics, and Eureka.

Founded in 2011, the Moscow, Russia-based startup has over 700,000 users and content that’s available in four different languages. Narr8 has $4 million in funding from IMI.VC Venture Company. In addition to the iPhone app, Narr8 is available on Android, Kindle Fire, and the iPad.