29 August 2013

It seems that there is no stopping NARR8, a Moscow-based digital publisher of interactive stories, motion comics, and non-fiction series, whom we've mentioned a number of times before thanks to their constant stream of exciting announcements. Most recently, NARR8 announced FIVE, their brand new lifestyle series, available for download on iOS and Android devices on Tues., May 21. The interactive series will feature lifestyle and leisure content such as the world's most talked-about people, most breathtaking venues, and most sought-after treasures.


Founder Alexandr Vaschenko stated,


"It has always been important for us to interact with our readers, and our ‘forums' let us engage with our readers like never before. In our talks with the readers, we have noticed a strong demand for lifestyle-focused content. By adding FIVE to NARR8, we are broadening our offering and adding even more great content that our 800,000+ readers worldwide have been asking for. We're excited to continue growing the NARR8 product for our readers, and we're delighted to continue to offer fresh and diverse new content."


Starting with "The Highest Buildings on Earth," (Episode 1) and "World's Best Soccer Players of 2013," (Episode 2), this unique new series will take readers on an incredible journey of discovery into the world's most marvelous people, places, and things. ‘The Highest Buildings on Earth,' will compare the highest skyscrapers in the world, accompanied by a list in-depth details on how these incredible structures all but defy the laws of physics, while ‘Worlds Best Football (Soccer) Players' will let readers go in-depth with the icons of the world's most popular sport. Just how expensive is it to trade one top player to another team? Which players lead the most glamorous lives? Which players appear in the tabloids most often, and why?

With intriguing content and fluid animation, NARR8 delivers what will seem to be yet another smash hit series to their already booming creative content platform. We can't wait to see what's next for these industry leaders.


Explore FIVE's in highly detailed, fully interactive episodes delivered straight to your mobile device.