Plag on the Big Screen

07 April 2016

There are many good reasons for a Plag desktop version: breath-taking pictures and videos that must be viewed on the big screen, complex and fast-paced discussions that are so much easier to conduct on a physical keyboard. But the most important one is that Plag will eventually become accessible to a lot more people in a lot more places. So we’ve been working on a desktop version. And here’s what we’ve got so far.

Go to Read the manifesto. At the very end, Plag will offer you to try web beta. Accept and log in. (If you know the manifesto already, you can just as well move your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen and click “Login” in the unfolding menu.) To get acquainted with the web interface, you will go through a short and simple tutorial. If you want to have a second look at it later on, you will find it in the menu on the left. To open it, just move your cursor over the Plag logo on the upper left side.

wiping just got even more exciting. Your cards take the whole screen. You can see the beauty of the text and every detail of every picture. Spreading and skipping works just like on your phone. You can do it on your touchpad or use your mouse or the arrow keys. To see the statistics of a post — including the infection map in epic dimensions — click on its place of origin.

On the other side of the screen, you see the number of comments. Click it to see the card’s comment section. And to write comments yourself, of course. Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate through folded cards and open the menu or the comment section respectively. It only takes two clicks to share the card to a range of other networks and platforms, including Tumblr and Reddit, subscribe to it or flag it if you find its content inappropriate.

Click on “Profile” in the menu on the left and have a look at your profile. It’s okay to stare, it’s really big. You can also edit it right there.

You may notice that something is missing. Your dashboard, for instance, and your notifications. Moreover, you can’t create cards on your computer – yet. But with one of the next updates, the desktop version will become fully functional. The beautiful thing about this is that having a smartphone will no longer be a prerequisite for participation. All you need to become part of the conversation is access to a computer. We look forward to that, very much so. We’re working on it.