Plag: A Little More Love for Text and Links

31 March 2016

If you are using Plag on an iOS device, you might have noticed subtle changes in your cards’ layout. (Don’t stop reading, Android users! The same improvements will reach you with one of the next updates. It’s like a look into the future!) At first glance, everything looks bigger — text and pictures. But there’s more to it. Let’s take a closer look.

On picture cards, text used to look like a secondary element. But your thoughts are important, and we found a way to give them the space they deserve without taking space away from the image. The new layout makes your cards easier to read and adds emphasis to what you have to say.


We also changed the way text and links interact. Links blend in seamlessly now, and you can adjust the wording to fit your text. Here’s how you do it, step by step:

Post your link and choose your picture. Put your finger on the link until the corresponding menu appears and tap “Edit”.

Change the wording of your link as you see fit. Tap “Ok”, then “Done”, then “Send”. The last picture shows your card as your audience will see it. When they open the card, the text overlay slides down to reveal the whole image.


Videos used to appear as static previews, which deterred some users from actually watching them. Now, there is action right from the start — if you want to. To finetune how Plag handles video posts, go to your settings. Moreover, video screens are no longer cropped or extended to a square format, thus making space for any text you add.

Your thoughts about the content you post are as relevant as the content itself. The new layout reflects that.