Storytelling Success in Mobile Games - From Russia with Love


04 April 2013

The Art of Storytelling


"Paradise, where virtue is rewarded, where neither evil nor death exist, is the eternal dream of man." Thus begins the chronographic story Medieval Heaven, by NARR8. The Russian-native company (pronounced "nar?at"), with offices recently launched here in the U.S., offers a fresh approach to mobile apps and content, delivering an array of interactive stories, articles, and motion comics. NARR8's target audience? "Readers, dreamers, and explorers who want to experience an entirely new way of getting entertaining and informative content."


The secret behind it all? Exceptional storytelling.


Eric Kim, an industry peer of mine, and the CEO of brand management company, Twylah, recently wrote a blog post about how we connect through storytelling. The way Kim explains it, we are at the beginning of a shift and transition in the way consumers interact with brands and companies. This movement is largely empowered by the "democratization of media," where everyone is now a publisher and thereby owns a broader, louder voice.


Louder voices, more channels, and endless content have given consumers more choices. In this new world, exceptionally good content thrives.


That's what NARR8 is banking on. The company's content goes beyond the standard eBook format by incorporating dynamic special effects and animations along with full music soundtracks to create a totally unique experience.


The fact is, we’re starving for stories. Each of us is dying to know what happened, and what happens next. NARR8 taps into that desire, and uses the latest social channels to engage readers.


In storytelling, the traditional cliffhanger is a striking event that happens at the end of an episode, scene, or chapter of a story. It leaves doubt in the reader’s mind — usually regarding the fate of the protagonist — and all but forces them to come back to see what happens next. In the pro-reader, high-engagement world of NARR8, you participate in what happens next.