Devtodev justifies its universality again


01 July 2014

Devtodev excited to present the new solution for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. All you need to do, is integrate your Mobile App Tracking or AppsFlyer Account with devtodev and have everything at one place with easy shared access for any member of your team.

It’s never been easier to track the following metrics for each advertising channel:

— Number of application downloads

— The number of payments from the acquainted users

— Revenue gained from the acquainted users

— Number of the acquainted users , who paid at least once

— Conversion into paying users (% of paying users from total users that have been acquainted)

— ARPU (average revenue per user) and ARPPU (average revenue per paying user) for each advertising channel

Very soon the features would be expanded, so you could also evaluate financial performance of each traffic source: advertising costs and revenue from the users acquainted from different channels.