NARR8 is finally available for Android


29 August 2013

And it was worth the wait.  Yesterday NARR8 finally released its app for Android.  An app for NARR8 comics and stories has been available for iOS since November of last year.  Yesterday I got the app and downloaded several different comics to try it out. Although the Android offerings are currently limited, they are still fun to read


I mentioned last month, NARR8 had its beginnings in Russia where the founders worked on video games.  The company has its headquarters in Moscow with satellite operations in San Francisco.  It also has 10 studios working on comics novels and nonfiction content.


The stories are well written and well drawn.  The animation is well done.  These are comics not cartoons so don’t expect the cartoon channel.  The comics like comics everywhere are serials.  Each episode carries the story a little further.


My tablet is a first generation Samsung 8.9 with a 1Ghz processor and 16 GB of memory.  Downloading the episodes took some time but that will probably not be a problem for people with dual or quad core processors.  The episodes are downloaded and unpacked so they are rather large which is to be expected.  If you have an SD card now is the time to employ it.


The stories are at different stages meaning that some only have a few episodes while others are much longer.  For instance Knights of The Void is just starting and has exactly one episode that sets up the action for the rest of the comic.  It is a about a Sci-Fi future in outer space. The plot is a bit like Star Wars in that you have the big bad tyrants and the plucky rebellion but that’s where it ends.  The daughter of the rebellion’s leader decides to defy daddy’s wishes and well, that’s when trouble ensues.


For gamers, JAM is wonderful.  It’s set in a world where heros must constantly save their girlfriends.  Kidnapping by goblins seems to be a regular occurrence and yes, fashion does matter even when being kidnapped.  The landscape will remind many of old Atari games and the tongue in cheek storyline is fun.


SUBJECT 9 has prisoners being subjected to dark experiments being conducted for the military.  The prisoners are all Jessica Rabbit style cartoon animals. Lots of curves, suspense and destruction.


As you can see, the story lines are varied, the drawings are excellent and the potential is vast.  There will be other stories that will be coming soon such as the interactive novels and nonfiction stories.  There will be horror stories, thrillers, spys and material for mature audiences. 


Best of all, its all free.  The app is free and the stories are free.  And what’s more you will get better value than what you pay for.