Create stunning messages in seconds and send it to any one of your friends. From the moment the message is opened, your friend has 99 seconds to reply. Your dialog lives as long as you are replying to each other and when you’ve stopped, the dialog is gone forever — removed both from your devices and our servers.

Messages in Hipe are concentrated emotions. It has a full-screen cards that can contain animations, videos, overlays and a short amount of text. It even helps you to fill awkward silences with frequently refreshing, built-in content from several channels, inclduing memes, fun, romance, mood and other.

And best of all. You don’t have to register and your friends don’t even have to have the app to receive or reply to your messages. So you don’t have to wait for all of your friends join Hipe — all of them are here from day one!


July 30, 2014

New Picture-Based Messaging App Hipe Gives Friends Just 99 Seconds To Respond After Reading Your Text

A new mobile messaging app called Hipe, which lets users share GIFs, videos, or image overlays and a short amount of text, has introduced a twist on ephemeral messaging which turns replying to conversations into something of a game. 
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