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company Game Insight Founded in 2010, Game Insight is a global-facing developer and publisher of varied, user-focused, and free-to-play games for all major mobile and social platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and Web. company Farminers Farminers Startup Academy is a classical Silicon incubator, founded and financed by IMI. company Kula Kula is an absolutely new way to keep, curate and consume news. company Planner 5D Use Planner 5D to create beautiful floor plans and interior designs like a professional — no training needed! company App In The Air App in the Air helps you to fly smarter with everything you need to get the most of your flight experience. Know where to find the best food at the airport and how to connect to free wireless internet. company Monosnap Make screenshots. Draw on them. Shoot video and share your files. It's fast, easy and free. company We Heart Pics We Heart Pics is a one of a kind, photo-powered, full-featured social network. It's a place where we talk without words. company devtodev devtodev is the first analytical system that unites tools for market research, competitive analysis and advanced users behavior tracking in one interface. We help find opportunities in terabytes of data! company Hipe Try emotional messaging. company Stash a treasure trove of your favorite gifs, memes, quotes and videos from the hottest sites! Found something amazing? Just rate it with your attitude and it's instantly stuffed into your profile. Subscribe to your favorite channels then start collecting. Label your finds with tags. Follow your friends as they rate and collect all their favorite discoveries. company Showrooms First fashion Megamall collected the most interesting offers clothing, shoes and accessories from Russian and foreign online stores. We work with major stores representing well-known foreign brands and with promising Russian designers. company 4talk IM Free text and voice messages, pictures and video, contacts, files on mobile devices and desktop computers company PayLeS$ PayLeS$ allows users to monitor the ticket prices up until the date of departure and if it finds a cheaper option, a user can exchange the ticket and save some money. company Getsy Getsy is a digital loyalty program for small and medium-sized businesses, based on deep social integration and big data. company My Fin My Finances - a cloud solution for automation of financial and accounting activities of small businesses that operate on the ONS or UTII. company Yawork Simple but intelligent work service which helps to find work close to your home. company Pluso Pluso - the most popular social buttons in Russia. When you surf the internet , you can share interesting information with friends on social networks. company Filedrop Filedrop is a tiny and cute app for sharing via wi-fi. company My-Apps – Mobile Apps for Anyone! It’s easy and quick way to create your own mobile app for business or personal means without any skills in programming or design. company Boostmate Boostmate is created to help us navigate across our numerous social connections. The main reasonable purpose of our active usage of social networks is to increase your social reach. Boostmate tracks all your relations, activities and helps you find valuable connections and not to miss opportunities to make them stronger. company CookWizMe CookWizMe makes cooking fun, easy, and social! company Fitty Seeing your activity and food on the same timeline helps you think about your life in a new way. Start with small changes that can lead to healthy habits and losing weight naturally. company In Flow InFlow helps you to better understand yourself and your ever-changing mood, keeping your friendships healthy and happy along the way. Even though we know what makes us feel good, we tend to spend our time doing absolutely different things. company Find the best dishes at any restaurant. Powered by analysis of millions of reviews from Yelp, Foursquare and other sites. company NormaSugar Unique, the first in Russia telemedicine system, which most important task is real, not declared, the control of your diabetes. In other words, we will refund you the time for a full life. And provide the real quality of life in such a way that could be achieved without NormaSugar. company Geeklist Build your portfolio of work and earn GeekCred. Getting credit where credit is due is awesome. Do it by showing what you built, who you built it with, what you used to build it, what the steps were and what the outcome was. company CoFoundIt Сrowd development of your apps ideas. company BeriDari BERIDARRY - this is a regularly updated digest of gift ideas for a variety of reasons. company GIPIS Gipis is a mobile health platform. On the front-end, it is a user centric service — users get their personal trainer & nutritionist right in their pockets to always know what to do next to get fit & healthy. On the back-end, it's a data company about people health & its connection to workouts, sleep, weight, pulse and nutrition. company Agenda Travel It's travel planning tool. company Prognolic Market reaction on Wall street's recommendations. company Cutetown Cutetown creates 3D maps of cities and places which are completely on a par with the reality, and it’s the most beautiful maps you’ve ever seen. And more important is that everyone could take part in map creation with our app-editor. company Super Folder Simple and unlimited cloud storage from anywhere. company Heycheck Advanced photocamera and handy photo editor. company Family Expenses Convenient service to track expenses the family. company Glomper The smart & beautiful way to share and sync your free time with nearby friends. Never miss opportunities to spend best moments of your life with friends. company MyWishBoard Collect it all desires in one place, buy gifts with friends common friends, see what's popular with your friends, mine and his friends to carry out their wishes. company MyDreamBoard Explore the most beautiful parts of the world and create your travel plan with MyDreamBoard. company BeatTheBushes BeatTheBushes is fundamentally new lost and found service. Our service allows people to easily connect to find what they have lost or help nearby. On BeatTheBushes, users’ posts can contain not only the description of the item, but also the location and a photo. company IPQ2 Simple service for meeting new people, where every introduction is successful. company Capturelist Capture List is a Capture/Post utility for you browser and mobile phone. 'slide-to-capture' any picture on any site; 'slide-to-post' it on twitter, g+ or . Capture pictures of items and places, scan barcodes or QR codes with our Capture List iOS app, they will appear in your web-list if you link it to the app. company Talkover TalkOver is the best way for you to publicly or privately chat in real time, allowing everyone to add their favorite content from Facebook and YouTube. company FreeBrie FreeBrie is online file backup/share/sync system based on p2p technology, providing storage space to the masses for minimal cost in one quick and easy package. FreeBrie is compatible with MacOS/Win/Linux. company KloudPics KloudPics is a mobile photo aggregator. Beautiful and simple to use application, it creates a personalized photo feed from all your photo services' accounts.

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